Technical Consultancy



We are primarily Engineering Consultants providing total “Turn Key” solutions for the battery Manufacturing Industry, related to Process and Machine Building. We also provide consultancy services for Battery technology. We provide consultancy services for Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing plant.

This includes :-
• Automotive for SLI application
• Motor Cycle Batteries
• Tubular Batteries
• VRLA Batteries
• Traction Batteries
• Solar Batteries

We specialize in Turnkey Projects as well as Design of Equipment & Systems for the following process areas of Battery Production:-

Advanced Curing System comprising of fine control of temperature, Humidity, Time using steam, Spray nozzles
• Dust and fume extracting and treatment system including Hoods, Ducting and Scrubbers as pollution control norms.
• Tackless formation system with specially designed charger and fume extraction system.
• Different ovens such as Grid Aging Oven, Advanced Conveyorised Flash Drying Oven, Inert gas Dry Charged Oven, Positive Plate Drying Oven
• Jar formation system tanks, cooling water recirculation system, fine controlled charger and fume extraction system.
• Plate brushing station with energy efficient Dust collection system
• Tubular Positive plates pickling system
• Fully automatic leak Testing Machine, High Voltage short circuit testing machine, Turn table for group burning machine.

Our ‘Scope of Work’ includes:-


Case Study, Engineering and Technical Audit of existing plant and manufacturing process
2. Designing of Batteries ( Automotive, Motor cycle, Industrial, VRLA)
3. Designing of Manufacturing process
4. Capacity Calculation and plant layout
5. Material Handling system, Effluent treatment System, Pollution Control System, Inventory
6. Designing and estimation of utilities
7. Advising on selection of machinery, components, moulds & dies
8. Layout as per the process flow including future expansion, storage location for in process and bought out materials
9. Requirement of major raw materials based on your product mix and monthly production plan
10. Chemical laboratory for incoming and in process material
11. Selection of battery testing equipment and installation and commissioning of Testing laboratory confirming to IS&JIS specification
12. Manpower requirement
13. Process Audit of your existing systems, based on that improvements and corrective action at your new location
14. Efficiency Calculation, Cost Audit, Payback estimation of projects


We have our own dedicated team led by highly experienced & technically qualified top management. With the help of expertise in the area of Battery Manufacturing machineries, we offer you engineering solutions that are best suitable for customer needs.

We have products dedicated to lead acid battery industry. We have experience with all type of battery manufacturing plants, viz. Motor cycle batteries, automotive batteries, tubular batteries, VRLA batteries.

We have worked with all type of battery industry from small scale industry to large scale industry in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Oman.

We have in depth knowledge of Battery manufacturing process.

Battery Technology 1. Periodic process audit of each manufacturing process
2. Bottle neck in the process
3. Batch size and traceability
4. Testing methods for incoming material as per specification
5. Testing methods for In-process materials and controls
6. Control plan and log sheets< br> 7. Work instruction
8. Product design and formation< br> 9. Testing of final product < br> 10. Production planning for smooth and uninterrupted working
11. Warranty analysis and corrective action

Improvement tools


Small Group activity
2. Quality Circle
3. Kaizan
4. Continual improvements
5. TPM

Scope for Improvements

1. Productivity improvements to better utilization of manpower
2. Cost reduction
3. Quality improvements
4. Improved machine utilization
5. Reduction in turn round time
6. Inventory control
7. Reduced lead time
8. Manufacturing as per dispatch plan
9. Follow FIFO system